Santa of the Milky Way
Oil Pastel on Textured Mat Board
30 x 24

Lately I have been saying this may be my final commemorative Santa drawing. If so, I want to present my last Santa as I see him - Mystical. Magical. Bundled in fur. A hearty resident of the North Pole. A metaphysical man who flies through the starry starry night to fulfill wishes and dreams of believers, young and old.

This Christmas Eve, 2017, Santa will take to the night sky accompanied by the silver sliver of a NEW MOON. If we are lucky, we might catch a glimpse of him streaking across the star-filled Milky Way. What a treat, and as always, I will be there watching. Will you?
Happy Holidays

2017 - A Magical Meal with Santa

A Magical Meal with Santa
~a second Santa for 2017~

oil pastel on textured mat board

I don't normally do two Santa's in a year, but just for fun, I created a whimsical Santa just for my friends who love all things Santa, have an affinity for forest creatures and who love their buckeyes. There is magic in the air this Christmas, and this Santa and his friend are proof. This was the first of the two Santa Claus images created this year.

2016 - The Woodsman Santa

It is interesting what a chilly walk in the Ohio country woods can do. This year's Santa is inspired by nature and by the northern forests that abound in all the areas I love best. 

I have wanted to create a woodland Santa for a long time, and today that desire became reality. He is not your red-suited "jolly old elf" and it's not a Santa with obvious trappings and traditional garb. Rather, this year's Santa is one that evolved from  talking a woodland, country walk while hunting for inspiration. This Santa is MY Santa, bringing impish magic to all that are willing to BELIEVE. Red suit or not.

Here is "The Woodsman Santa". ~ Happy Holiday, everyone!

2015 - Christmas Secrets - Shhh, Don't Tell

Switching things up, I decided to create another very traditional Santa. Here he is for 2015 saying "Shhhh. Don't Tell",

During the Holidays and the most magical time of the year, secrets abound. Santa is hoping you can keep all your Christmas secrets and that you don't spill the beans. Everything is more fun when there are special secrets involved...  

2014 - Decorating the Tree

Although he days of the traditional blown glass ornaments are behind us, the vintage ornament Santa is carrying in this work is a cherished glass bulb which my Mother and Dad hung on their trees in the 40's and 50's. The rocking horse is a nod to my childhood love of horses and is an ornament given to me by my Mother in the early 80's. Both are special decorations and are depicted in this year's commemorative Santa Claus.

In 2003 the first Santa image was created, and with it the series began. 12 Santas later, I have returned to the exact Santa that served as model for the inaugural piece "Santa of the Tree". I wanted to commemorate the 12th and possibly final Santa in the series by revisiting the first Santa I created, presenting him with new vision.

The original work is large scale at 32 X 24 and done in oil pastel on textured mat board. Prints are now available.

2013 - A White Christmas Remembered

Everyone understands the magic of Christmas Eve. If it should snow on Christmas, then all the better!  This year, a melancholy Santa recalls all the mystical and wonderful white Christmas Eves of the past.  He offers you a snow globe and a promise that, at any time you wish, the magic and your memories can be recalled simply by gazing into the glass.

2012 - The Perfect Gift

The image for 2012 celebrates that there is as much joy in giving as in receiving. The image speaks to the fact that when the perfect gift is shared, there is no greater joy.

The hunt is on. Enjoy the search for it, as well as the anticipation that something very special may be on its way to you - The Perfect Gift honors both the Gift and as well as the Giver.

Thank you to those who have offered me the perfect gift.

2011 - He Was Dressed All In Fur from His Head to His Foot ...

2011 Santa is a representation of the Old World Father Christmas. Wearing deep red velvet and a beautiful brocade robe trimmed in red fox, he is elegant yet nurturing. This Santa steps out of the century old classic poem Twas the Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore, and is "dressed all in fur from his head to his foot". Who would not want to walk down a woodland path with this regal St. Nick.

an unprecedented 
second Commemorative Santa image for 2011
2011 - Father Christmas

Father Christmas is not quite the same person to me as Santa Claus. A little more elegant, less of a jolly old soul but magical all the same, is the persona that Father Christmas adopts. I envision him carrying the staff of Saint Nicholas and possessing a very regal and ethereal aura. I have not been able to stop at just ONE Santa painting in 2011 -- I have created and present TWO this year.... you pick your favorite, but please enjoy both.

2010 - St. Nick and the Nutcracker

The commemorative Santa for 2010 gives a special nod to my fondness for nutcrackers. This season, Saint Nick is bringing a stout and festive friend your way, and with a twinkle in his eye, he is decorating for the holidays. Giclees in a limited edition print run of 100 are available.

2009 - I'll Be There with Bells On

Santa promises to visit the homes of all good little girls and boys each Christmas Eve. We can imagine that he waits all year with excited anticipation for his stopover at our houses. Here he assures us that he will " there with bells on".

2008 - Riding Up Front with the Big Guy

How exciting to be chosen to sit in the front with Santa during his magical Christmas Eve ride! The story here is told from the viewpoint of the two little bears who must have gotten the nod, and are seen "Riding Up Front with the Big Guy" ~ but it's still all about Santa.

2007 - Sweet Treats at Fireside

The 2007 Santa honors the tradition of the candy cane as the quintessential treat for the holidays. It is your choice as to whether Santa is giving them or receiving them, here in the glow of the fireside.

This years Santa painting also honors the 100 year old Spangler Candy Company in my little hometown of Bryan, Ohio, as one of the leading manufacturers of the finest candy canes on the planet.

2006 - Making a List, Checking it Twice

Santa 2006 is "Making a list ... Checking it Twice" just as the song says. Is your name on that list? Sure hope so, because very soon "Santa Claus is Comin to Town".

2005 - The Gift of a Doll

The third in the series of yearly Santa Claus images depicts a thoughtful moment in time when we catch Santa in the midst of delivering the gift of a doll and preparing to place it under the Christmas tree.

2004 - Santa of the Star

"Santa of the Star" honors the old European tradition of carving decorative nutcrackers as holiday gifts and giving them to friends to place at their front doors to protect and ward off ill will ... Today nutcrackers are popular and charming collectable figures that remind us of soldiers, kings, characters exemplifying careers and even sports figures. The list is endless.

"Santa of the Star" is not available to purchase.

2003 - Santa of the Tree

The Inaugural Santa

This special oil pastel piece started the series, and has a unique sentiment attached to it ~ it was the first of many Santa Claus images to follow.
The portrait model for this image was a large Santa figure made by artist Jane Altadonna. Though bedecked in jewels and dressed in lush brown velvet, I adapted its colors and features to fit my artistic needs. The original Santa was positioned next to a small Christmas tree. It illuminated his robes, beard and cheeks in glowing light, which was the element that initially captured my interest. While working, I was charmed by rendering the likeness of Santa Claus and by the time work concluded, I had formed a special connection with the figure that Jane crafted. I own the Santa now, but did not purchase it until after completing the inaugural oil pastel.


Have a Happy Holiday Season,