2011 - He Was Dressed All In Fur from His Head to His Foot ...

2011 Santa is a representation of the Old World Father Christmas. Wearing deep red velvet and a beautiful brocade robe trimmed in red fox, he is elegant yet nurturing. This Santa steps out of the century old classic poem Twas the Night Before Christmas, by Clement C. Moore, and is "dressed all in fur from his head to his foot". Who would not want to walk down a woodland path with this regal St. Nick.

an unprecedented 
second Commemorative Santa image for 2011
2011 - Father Christmas

Father Christmas is not quite the same person to me as Santa Claus. A little more elegant, less of a jolly old soul but magical all the same, is the persona that Father Christmas adopts. I envision him carrying the staff of Saint Nicholas and possessing a very regal and ethereal aura. I have not been able to stop at just ONE Santa painting in 2011 -- I have created and present TWO this year.... you pick your favorite, but please enjoy both.